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This post isn’t about the small birds who make clay nests in the eaves of buildings – it’s about a different sort of clay architect. Maarten Baas, the Dutch designer has done wonderful and unusual things with clay – his Dali-esque collection ‘Clay Furniture’ elegantly distorts brightly coloured cabinets and chairs giving them almost arachnid legs. 

Interior Design Ideas

Baas's Clay Chairs


Interior Design Ideas

Baas's Elegant Distortions


My favourite of his collections is the intriguing ‘Smoke’ series (where does he get these strange but great ideas?). These pieces are each literally burned with a blow torch and then salvaged by layers of translucent epoxy resin coating. He has applied this to a range of furniture – from baroque pieces to design classics. The effect is different on every piece – the charring forms an unpredictable but intricate surface. 

This collection was born out of Baas’s interest in how furniture ages through wear and damage. He found that worn pieces became more interesting to him and so the experimenting began. Scratching, throwing and soaking furniture didn’t have quite the right effect – but burning gave it that personalisation and uniqueness he was after. 

Interior Design Ideas

Smoking Chair


Interior Design Ideas

Burnt Baroque


His other collections are equally intriguing – ‘Sculpt’, ‘Hey Chair, be a Bookshelf’ and ‘The Haphazard Harmony’ are definitely worth checking out:



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