Working the Utilitarian look in the Home

In the fashion world, catwalk shows and the high street are full of sober utilitarian hues and styles. We’re most definitely out of winter now and firmly into spring but the bright colour of summer is still yet to materialise. Interior design isn’t quite in the same place, but the utility look is one which translates well to the home. 

The very nature of utilitarianism is that pieces are designed for use rather than beauty, but there is plenty of simple beauty in these useful pieces. 


Interior Design Ideas

Graham and Green's Industrial Lamp

Interior Design Ideas

St Paul Trestle Table - as featured in July's Elle Decoration

Interior Design Ideas

Classic DSW Eames Chairs



Benjamin Hubert – EDIDA International Young Designer of the year 2010 – has a utilitarian style. His simple designs use un-pretentious materials which complement the bold shapes he creates.  

Interior Design Ideas

Hubert's Pebble


Interior Design Ideas

Heavy Lights - Benjamin Hubert

If you like these, check out his Heavy Wall Lights and the ultimate utility magazine racks ‘Fold’ on his website (

It’s so difficult to narrow down all the great utility designs out there, but the last pieces I want to give some attention to are from Blodwen ( – a company set up in Cardigan Bay selling ‘modern traditional’ items made from local Welsh materials.

Interior Design Ideas

Blodwen Ceramics

Interior Design Ideas

Blodwen Bottom ;o)



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